THIS FISH AND I WERE OH SO BLUE…dedicated to Domenico-Rest In Peace.

My partner and I lived an action packed life in Mexico for quite a few years, I can only look back today and wonder how I survived each and every crazy adventure. I had a husband who was fish crazed,  just the thought of a fish would turn him on.

We had a boat always moored and ready to go which was pretty much daily. The Lancha  was the boat of choice, easy to handle and a sturdy vessel, the same as what the locals used. We were up and usually on the water before anyone was moving including the local fishermen!

Fishing vessel of choice

This particular day started out peaceful enough. We were out about 10 miles from the first point in Playa del Carmen and I was driving the boat at low speed and we had our lines out. I quite frankly did not want to catch anything. I was in a reflective mood, enjoying the sun, the calm of these deep azure seas and could not ask for anything more. I should of known better! I could feel Dom’s frustrated energy, we had been out for a couple of hours just drifting with no action, he was beside himself. I knew he was at his breaking point, there better be a fish soon or we would be out here until long past midnight.

Just as this thought passed through my mind, Dom let out a big yell. His rod was bent in half and he’s yelling at me to get my line in so as not to tangle his.. I slow the boat down, jump up and begin reeling my line in, trying to keep the boat straight at the same time so I don’t lose Dom’s action that he has going on. It’s always so stressful when this happens.. God help me please.. If I turn too sharp, or tangle the lines.. Pressure is on and I’m focused, believe me.

He has some kind of gigantic animal on that hook. I had never seen anything like it and the locals were excited too. They could see we had something big going on. Slowly they circled us and began hooting and hollering, cheering us on to bring this monster in. By this time I knew it’s the last thing I wanted. I had a glimpse of it’s “beak”…it was a sailfish at least three times the size of our boat.. At least that was my perception of it from the driver’s side of the boat. Dom yells at me to get the spear gun ready.. Don’t forget now, I’m reeling lines in, driving the boat, and getting a spear gun cocked and watching a crazy man get ready to try and kill us again. This was not a positive situation for me!

This fish is beautiful, magnificent and the powerful display of trying to disconnect from Dom’s hook was breathtaking, to say the least. It was getting closer and closer, The Dom, as I referred to him is shouting orders, I think I’ve got it all lined up okay. BIG MISTAKE….on my part, when he yelled at me to get the gloves, you have to have these, they have a non stick grip to them so you can grab the fish or you don’t have a hope to hang onto them. I look frantically on the boat, they are nowhere to be seen. Of course I’m the inventory girl and this was definitely my fault! My only option was to whip my top off and hand it to him, I knew full well I didn’t have anything on underneath but I had run out of options! The look on The Dom’s face and the dozens of cheers from the locals around us is something that should have been video taped.. It was either a spectacular moment for the fish or myself I haven’t yet decided to this day!

It was at that moment that this blue sailing fish snapped off The Dom’s hook, sailed right over top of us, the boat and gave Dom a final shake of his tail as if to say, “not today, see you another time!”  The quiet that surrounded us at that moment was rather eerie. Even The Dom sat down, worn out and gave the fish his due in silence. I’m just standing there still trying to take it all in when he threw my slime covered tee- shirt back at me and told me to put it on. I had forgotten I was completely topless.

Good bye sailfish and I’m positive we’ll be back another day. It’s going to be a blue day.

copyright Es-tee Miller

“Looks like what drives me crazy
Don’t have no effect on you–
But I’m gonna keep on at it
Till it drives you crazy, too.” ..Langston Hughes

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I'm a stargazing,skywatching,storm loving, sungazing addict. Environmentalist, political blogger, professional photographer, writer, favourite quote is: "If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive". ~ Eleonora Duse ~ soul is definitely alive.
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  1. le Ousieau Bleu says:

    Why do I get this vision of you standing topless with one hand on the Guy Wire and the other holding a sword over your head yelling dam you sword fish we will be back to get you..
    Oh and FYI Moby Dick is not a Social Disease. Loved the story 2 Ha Ha!!.

  2. Chef Adrian says:

    LOL guess your right about that James in regard to Moby Dick. But looks like fish were the plague of Es-tee’s existence. Great, great story!!!! love it.

  3. chanel99 says:

    I would of divorced him, plain and simple! Men want ALL the power ALL the time. It’s sickening really. Love Chanel

  4. Jack says:

    Just a fantastic story and I can visualize that scene in that boat as if I were there. The Dom as you referred to him LOL really had a lot to learn about women didn’t he? I know you probably helped on a few of those challenges Es-tee.

  5. Dev says:

    Freakin’ hilarious! The Dom was something else..LOL GREAT story.

  6. Leo says:

    WOW this guy didn’t know have a clue about women, sorry. Really like how fiesty you are! Love the ending with the tee shirt. Great fishing story!!!!

  7. Norwegian says:

    He was nuts if you ask me, you should of seem him diving.

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