Aunt Grace how does it feel to turn 100 today?

Aunt Grace 100 years old today.

Aunt Grace 100 years old today.

My Aunt Grace is an amazing lady! It’s thanks to her I know how to set a table properly and use good manners. I guess I was sadly lacking in regard to proper etiquette one summer when I was 10 years old and she laid the law down and told me by the time I returned home I would have it all down pat! She was right, I still don’t set a table to this day without thinking of her with extreme affection.

It was  wonderful today to meet with cousins I had not seen in years and to hear all the stories from our childhood. The comments I heard over and over from everyone is all they can remember about me is what a tomboy I was, extremely independent and a total risk taker. Well I will say not much has changed many years later. I still remember my aunt telling me how important it was to always present yourself as a lady.

I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to really talk to my Aunt today as she was surrounded by family and friends and I could not steal too much of her time. I did get to ask her if she thought about the past a lot and how it felt to have more experience of life than most people.

I wasn’t surprised to hear her say that she felt the same way she did when she was twenty and it is hard for her to imagine when she looks in a mirror where all the time has gone. My Grandmother said almost the same thing to me when I asked her how it felt to be old one day. I couldn’t of been more than 12 but my Grandmother who is my namesake laughed and said she felt the same way she did when she was twenty. So there you go, time does stand still and especially more so as we get older.

“There is no defining age because after all, our spirit and soul are forever young”… Es-tee

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I'm a stargazing,skywatching,storm loving, sungazing addict. Environmentalist, political blogger, professional photographer, writer, favourite quote is: "If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive". ~ Eleonora Duse ~ soul is definitely alive.
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6 Responses to Aunt Grace how does it feel to turn 100 today?

  1. kj says:

    Wow, she’s a beautiful woman…. and such great advice from here….
    The tomboy may still be there in some respects… but she and Grandma obviously did some refining, because you can definitely present yourself as a lady and set tables and cook great meals and well, the list is endless…
    Glad you had a great day and got to see and talk to her a bit…
    I think I can honestly say, you’re a chip off the ol’ block…

  2. Bruno says:

    Amazing, what a beautiful lady!


    thank you for sharing a beautiful lady with us……wow!! love you! ~~~ let’s go vikings!! ~~~


  4. Karolyn says:

    What a lovely day sis! Special all the way round.. Happy Birthday Aunt Grace! we love you.

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