A silken day

blue skies and moon.

Earth sang today

I found my way.

Dull hearts


and birds have wings.

copyright Estee Millar

an afternoon moon-1

Blue Heron on the fly-1

heron in the tree tops-22


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This is Autumn

soft misty hues

Vermilion trees

and smaller days. 

A chilly peace

where shadows grow.

So magical

this early

morning lens.

copyright Estee Millar

a blessing-1

peaceful heron-1

“Like a spider in its web, a vibration anywhere
is felt everywhere.”
― Lois Farfel Stark

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It was one of those days when everything just seemed to fall into place. A visit to the beach this morning and I was thrilled to spot a beautiful Mallard Hybrid, now that’s not an everyday sight. After a beautiful wing stretch she went back to sleep.

rare brown duck 2-1

rare duck 3-1

Hey! it’s too early for a photoshoot! It’s only Monday.. let me sleep!

Flowers are coming to an end and it’s time to let my garden rest and enjoy a Pumpkin Latte or two.autumn 2

This evening I stepped outside, looked up and a powerful rainbow hit me right in the face! Perfect.

A powerful rainbow-1

“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall.”
– Ann Patchett


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This morning

is visiting only once.

The honk of geese

in still blue skies.

Fields of abundance

with blossoms arise.

And a solitary bee

such a sad harmony

….of buzz.

copyright Estee Millar

“Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway”..Mary Kay Ash

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It’s a thrill to see all this beautiful wildlife just as the sun is rising. The best time of day for me.

all good things-1

I was thinking as I watched these geese pass in front of me that twice this week I have had Starlings land in my hair at garden shops, warning me away from their nest that they had made inside a flower basket. This morning he grabbed a good bunch of my hair and I had a few words to yell at him. I thought, is this a sign of some sort and then gave my head a shake, laughed and told myself ..Yes it is!.. you need to start wearing a hat to the flower shops!

2019-05-31 (25)-1

I spotted this Starling sitting on the beach and he struck me as being rather melancholy…I loved all his colors.

A melancholy starling-2

copyright Estee Millar

all good things are wild and free.. thoreau

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Life would be boring without birds.  Birds  serve as “winged sentinels” of environmental degradation and scientists routinely use birds to gauge the health of ecosystems.Birds possess skills that historically made them useful to militaries. During World War I, pheasants detected oncoming hostile aircraft at long distances and “gave the alarm by their insistent cries,” says one account; canaries, of course, sensed poison gas; gulls followed submarines in search of garbage. Carrier pigeons successfully navigated through shellfire (and past bullets aimed at them). They transported messages that helped the Allies capture German submarines, and that saved the crews of downed seaplanes and a sunken minesweeper. It turns out birds aren’t just useful. They’re bona fide heroes.

If you happen to be a birder (like me) or a biologist, then “of course, birds have an intrinsic value, and we have an ethical obligation to conserve them. I can’t describe the joy I felt while having a stare down with an Osprey. It was a thrill of a life time for me. So many people responded to the shots I sent them, thanking me for the captures as most of them had never had the pleasure of seeing an Osprey in the wild.

Enjoy the beautiful feathers and the message.

a stare down-1

the wind beneath your wings

a beautiful osprey-1

copyright Estee Millar

“When the Osprey comes to you it can also be a symbol that an important message is coming to your life. When you see the Osprey, it is a good time to listen and to take heed to any advice that the animal spirit gives you. As a solar symbol, its association in alchemy would be that of fire”….

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I love watching Hummingbirds in my garden and every thing I plant, my first question to myself is, will the Hummingbirds like it. I can spend hours just watching and enjoying them. They are simply joyful. A  baby Hummingbird showed up a month ago at one of the feeders looking really beat up from the neighborhood bullies. He would give me a look of desperation as he was chased away each time. His poor little tongue was hanging out as well. I knew he didn’t have much time left unless I tried to help him.

I placed a feeder inside my patio screens and placed a plant over top of it so the other Hummingbirds couldn’t see him. It worked! He would come by several times a day and has even slept at the feeder feeling safe and secure. Today he is flying about and braving the other feeders as well but still visits the “inside” feeder. This morning he landed on my finger as if to say thank you then looked up at me and flew off.  These pictures show today  just how well he is doing.

Baby hummingbird-1

baby hummingbird 2-1

baby hummingbird 3-1

copyright Estee Millar

“I am so glad you are here, it helps me realize how beautiful my world is”..Rilke

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