I am always thrilled to spot an Eagle but two sent me over the moon!  Eagles don’t flock and you usually find them one at a time.



copyright Estee Millar

“When Eagles are silent, Parrots begin to chatter”… Winston Churchill


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Hummingbird in the snow…

hummingbird in the snow

Oh hello there, what kind of bird are you?

oh hello, what kind of bird are you

copyright Es-tee Miller

“The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches”….E.E. Cummings



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The moon has always been a companion to the people of the Earth. We give it names for the various seasons, write songs about it, use it in artwork and consider it romantic. It causes the tides to rise and fall, and sometimes lights our way in the dark. The moon has fascinated me since I was a small child; I have heard it said that an infant held outside under the moon will often reach out for it as if it were within grasp. It is often the first target for beginning astronomers with their new telescopes, as it is bright and easy to find, and offers a world of fantastic sights unlike any we see anywhere in the visible universe. It is truly the Earth’s own.

This lunar eclipse will be the last one for awhile.The next one will be visible in 2022. A blood Moon is one of the few opportunities we have to see both the Moon and the stars in the sky at the same time, since the Moon is usually too bright

eclipseeclipse 2.jpg - copy

copyright Es-tee Miller

“Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.” 
― Khaled Hosseini

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Hawk - Copy

The hawk and traveler stood still.

I suppose the time had come.

She slowly vanishes, 

until I see no more of her.


I felt like a stranger

in a foreign land.

So much anguish here.

Brilliant red shadows

at death’s nearness.


Your wrinkled finger

pushed my tears away.

How much despair you hold

in a single human heart.


copyright Es-tee Miller

“No one’s life ever goes as they planned. That truth alone should bring a sense of relief to everyone.” 
― Andrena Sawyer

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My garden started out with good intentions of being a minimalist space, but it has grown into something I can barely contain. From one flower, dozens will emerge. One simple vine has stretched across the whole garden enjoying the adventure along the way touching and saying hello to dozens of plants.. it is still finding its way. Any boundaries I have set up have been completely ignored by flowers and ferns alike. So much for a limited palette!


I love it and spend many hours out there.. it’s so calming and usually at least once a day a Hummingbird will land on me.. more so if I wear a bright colored top. I must resemble a giant Petunia to them. Garden harmony at its best.


ebc6021cc68abbcd7fe8b3bf9e3c9a43 - Copy

hummingbirds and flowers

If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change.

copyright Es-tee Miller

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Low tides on Vancouver Island

Remarkable to see the low tides this morning and pools teeming with life. Of course our local Herons are taking full advantage. Three of the lowest tides in Victoria are expected to be seen over the next three months, during a series of three supermoons. The dates are predicted on June 15, July 13 and Aug. 11.

Please practice good nature etiquette while out and about. No need to plunder and scoop all the tiny creatures as I seen many small children doing this morning while parents looked on.  I always consider first how much is any photograph or experience worth? Do not love the outdoors to death and destruction.

low tide pools 2 - Copy

touchdown - Copylow tide pools - Copy

copyright Es-Tee Miller

“Steinbeck wrote about the tide pools and how profoundly they illustrate the interconnectedness of all things, folded together in an ever-expanding universe that’s bound by the elastic string of time. He said that one should look from the tide pool to the stars, and then back again in wonder.” 
Robyn Schneider

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My garden is smothered in a lavish aura of deep purple while the lavender sways back and forth with its intoxicating fragrance. I call them my luxurious blooms which have smothered all the boring greenery. Hope and peace have definitely taken root here and bee music surrounds me.

bumblebee1 - Copy

bee crossing - Copy

In the lavender zone - Copy (2)

“She felt happy and wondered if she’d ever felt this happy before. The gold light, the falling seeds, the dancing bees… it was all one thing.”..Terry Pratchett

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